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How do I choose a web designer?
What are the costs?
What's the process?
How do I get good search results?
What does the fine print say?

How do I choose a web designer?

That depends on what your website needs are. Jaleroro specializes in unique sites with an artistic flair and particularly enjoy using color and bold graphics. Take a look at my portfolio to get an idea of my style. If you have database needs or want fancy flash animation, I'm probably not the right designer for you.

What are the costs?

  • Domain—The "address" or "URL" of your website. You can buy it any number of places on the web, or let Jaleroro buy it for you for $12/year.
  • Hosting—There are lots of places online where you can pay for space, with varying levels of customer service. I offer personalized one-on-one service—because my goal is to create a site you can be proud of.
    I've discovered I waste a lot of time trying to make things work properly on some servers, so I ask that if you're going to have me design your site, please set up your hosting through me as well. I charge $90 per year, or $160 for two years.
  • Design—This includes creating graphics such as your header and the 'buttons' for navigating your site, as well as the coding to arrange the layout of your content. Generally speaking, most websites I design are between $500 and $750, depending on a number of factors. I've designed some simple sites for as low as $300, and one graphic-packed website that totaled around $1500 by the time it was complete.
  • Maintenance—Once your site is online, you'll want to think about keeping the content fresh. You may have events you want to update frequently, add content now and then, or just change up what you have to say to keep people coming back to see what's new. I offer several maintenance plans for a yearly fee based on the extent of your updates, or I bill at $40/hour for occasional updates.
The total with domain, hosting, design & maintenance will be in the neighborhood of $1000. This will vary based on the number of layouts, graphics and other elements, so if you're working with a specific budget, let me know and I'll help guide you to keep the costs down.

What's the process?

We discuss your content needs, the layout, how many pages you want and what you want on each page. We'll also talk colors and graphics—the 'look' you want your site to have. I'll put together an outline of your site, and work up an estimate. Once we have a clear idea of our goal, I'll send an invoice for 50% of the total.
Then I'll put together a couple ideas as a starting point. We can tweak those, or if necessary, go back to the drawing board to create a different idea. Email works best because I sometimes work in the middle of the night or the early morning hours.
Once you're happy with the design, I get to work coding and building the framework of your site, then add the text you provide and the graphic content, and voilà!—we're ready to go live.

How do I get good search results?

While no one can guarantee your search results, there are a few tricks to getting the search engines to give you a higher ranking which I'll happily implement if I design your site. But the best thing by far is quality content. Make your site an information destination. If you sell pet rocks, have some links on the care and feeding of pet rocks, and maybe a link to the Pet Rock Owners Association. Links are an important piece of how search engines grade your site. Not just links on your site to others, but links to your site on high-traffic websites.

What does the fine print say?

JALERORO Web Design is not responsible for the editing of any client-provided content. Text content will be copied/pasted as provided. Editing services are available at an additional charge.

Fine-tuning adjustments are unlimited for the first 14 days after your site goes live. After that, updates will be done per contract, and limited to content (text and/or additional links). Design changes such as creating new header, background, navigation, dividers or graphic elements, will be an additional charge.

I do my best to be sure your website is accessible to the majority of users. Please remember all browsers/monitors are different, and colors and exact placement of elements will vary from machine to machine. I check my sites using IE, Firefox and Opera, and against the minimum screen size of 800x600 as well as larger screen sizes. If you want further information on the differences and technicalities, I'll be happy to provide it.

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